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Travel Around the Fascinating Kerala Hill Stations

hill stations in keralaKerala, one of the most preferred tourist places among the nature lovers, is blessed abundantly with lots of natural attractions and hill stations are one of them. Most beautiful places in Kerala are mainly laid on the verdant beauty of such hill stations. Kerala has most of the famous hill stations in South India such as Munnar (One of the world famous honeymoon destinations), Cochin, Silent Valley, Wayanad, etc.  Hill stations can be further defined as the traveler’s paradise; the fresh vegetation bounded with magical climate is really makes one to feel the heavenly impression. I would like to share useful information regarding some of the famous Kerala hill stations and here it is:

Munnar Hill Station

Munnar Hill StationMunnar hill station is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. It lies at the height of around 4,760 ft to 8,842 ft above the sea level. The greenery surrounded by the Munnar hills is nothing other than a heavenly watch to a nature lover.  Tata Tea Museum, Forest Rose Garden, Atukkad Waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park, etc., are the main Munnar sightseeing attractions.  Munnar holidays are one of the best selling tour packages in India and it becomes one of the top south Indian honeymoon spots. The Munnar attractions also highlighted as it’s the home for very famous Neelakurinhi plant which blooms only once in a duration of 12 years. All these peculiarities makes the place as a must visit Kerala tourist place.

Silent Valley

Silent ValleySilent Valley is another great hill station in Kerala and it’s being part of the famous Silent Valley National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary which becomes the home to numerous rare species of animals, plants and birds. Kerala natural beauty can be seen all over this Silent Valley hills area and the freshness of friendly air can be experience at its best.

Wayanad Hill Station

Places to Visit in WayanadWayanad hill station is famous for its green beauty and welcome atmosphere. This Kerala hill station lies at the height of around 2,296 ft to 6,890 ft above the sea level. One of the main Wayanad attractions is the Thamarassery Churam (a hill highway with several hairpin bends which gives a picturesque drive through the lush green hills). The Wayanad sightseeing is mainly focused on experiencing the natural beauty along with some tourist attractions such as Banasura Sagar dam , Edakkal caves, , Muthanga wildlife sanctuary and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary.

Vagamon Hill Station

Vagamon KeralaVagamon hill station from the Kerala District Idukki is another famous hill station in Kerala. It lies at the height bewteen 2,296 ft to 3,610 ft above the sea level. Vagamon takes it part as one of the most beautiful places in Kerala mainly because of the moderate  climate round the year with fair winter , monsoon, etc.  Kurisumala, Kurisumala Dairy Farm, Thangal Para and Tea Plantations are the main Vagamon sightseeing attractions. Vagamon tourism getting much attention from the foreigners as an adventure tourist spot, the recent statistics proves it as well.  There are several adventure tour options such as trekking, hiking and paragliding for those who like it.

Ponmudi Hill Station

Ponmudi Hill StationPonmudi hill station is quite attractive the way it’s naturally built. It lies at the height of 3001 ft to 3,347 ft above the sea level. One of the finest hill station from north Kerala, Ponmudi hills is located very near to the Kerala capital city Trivandrum. It requires around 60 Km travel from the capital city to reach the place, approximately 1 ½ hour drive. The Ponmudi hill station is so attractive with help of mountain flowers, colorful butterflies fly through and lush green background. Spice plantations, springs and winding streams, tea estates, etc. , are some of the Ponmudi attractions. The place is also famous among the trekkers and hikers mainly because of the possibility to have some adventure moments.

Vythiri Hill Station

Vythiri WayanadVythiri hill station lies at the height of 3,610 ft to 4,265 ft above the sea level.  The high range location of the destination provides enjoyable cool climate throughout the year. The green forests, beautiful hills, streams and waterfalls are the main attractions of this Kerala hill station. Vythiri adds some more values to the Kerala natural beauty. The accommodation options such as Vythiri village offering some really good moments to stay relaxed and enjoyed maximum the beautiful location.

Thekkady Hill Station

Thekkady SightseeingThekkady hill station is another important place to visit while on a Kerala tour. This Kerala hill station lies at the height of 2,296 ft to 6,240 ft above the sea level.  One of the important attraction from the place is Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The Periyar tiger reserve is famous among the other Indian tiger reserves and there are lots to watch and enjoy. The boat ride through Periyar Lake will share excellent experience to you, you can even watch the elephants on the sides while on boat. The programs such as Bamboo Rafting and Trekking are mostly attractive and you will find it remarkable as well. Finest accommodation options are also available here, the accommodation in places such as Spice Village Thekkady, Thekkady Wild Corridor, etc., serving quite pleasant moments to the guests. The moderate weather conditions and greenery is enough to thrill you through the activities.

Athirapally Waterfalls

Athirapally WaterfallsAthirapally Waterfalls can also be included in the list of most beautiful places in Kerala. This naturally gifted place is located at the height of 984 ft 2,230 ft above the sea level.  The place is famous mainly for it’s waterfall, known as Athirapally Waterfalls. There are three waterfalls  and the biggest of which is having 42 meter high, providing some natural beauty scenes to the visitors.

These are the important hill stations of Kerala which covers and shares charming stills to the visitors. Kerala natural beauty is arranged beautifully in this hill stations and they together keeps to highlight the importance of Kerala as “God’s own country”.


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Most Beautiful Places in Kerala – Nothing to Replace it with

Beautiful Places in KeralaKerala is a south Indian state having great importance and opportunities for natural attractions. The state is blessed greatly with rich cultural heritage and natural scenery. The most beautiful places in Kerala is mainly laid under the label of greenery and beauty of natural attractions such as lakes, backwaters, hill stations, paddy fields, etc., and moderate weather condition (The whole year is shared equally by rain and sun) lead the place to be renowned as “God’s own country”.

Kerala natural beauty cannot be explained by words as it’s a matter of experiencing the real scenery. From Trivandrum to Kasaragod , all of the Kerala districts have something to share with the nature lovers once they drive through. The natural beauty of Kerala is not limited to a single theme, but it consists of cool and tranquil climate, green mountains and valleys, rivers and waterfalls, opaque and hazy woods, green paddy fields, flowery meadows and lakes and also shares the part of Western Ghats. An overall look into the natural attractions of Kerala gives you a picture by illustrating the blessings it has.

Most Beautiful Places in Kerala

There are lots of hills and plantations in Kerala to be counted as most beautiful places in Kerala and which consists of several world famous hill stations like Munnar and Silent Valley. The major keral hill stations are Munnar, Silent Valley, Wayanad, Cochin, Thekkady, Vagamon, Vythiri, Athirappalli, Ponmudi, Lakkidi, etc.  There are eye-catching beaches such as Kovalam, Shankhumugham, Alappuzha, Varkal, Poovar and Bekal with a view of Greta Bekal Fort. Several national parks are also being part of Kerala such as Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sancutary and Eravikulam National Park. All this attractions together contributes to Kerala natural beauty and makes it a heaver for the visitors from across the globe.

Kerala natural beauty bounded with friendly climate conditions makes the place a real traveler’s paradise. Kerala is granted with a pleasant and calm climate through out the year. The Kerala weather condition is divided into four; winter, summer, south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon, but all these climate conditions have nothing to do to prevent the tourists from enjoying the picturesque beauty of Kerala.  Kerala tourist attractions have a magical power to return a visitor again and again to it’s lap.


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